The Business of Manners

In the midst of our high-tech business world, forward-thinking industry leaders are returning to old-fashioned service. Research shows that 87% of customers change where they shop or change a service provider not based on defective merchandise or products, but on poor customer service, on how they were treated. Ten years ago, the majority of those unhappy customers told one to ten other people of their plight. Today, those unhappy customers tell the world in 140 characters or less.

We Are Here To Help.

How your employees treat others is the HEART of your business. Statistically, the success of your workforce depends upon 15% technical skills and 85% soft skills like Timeliness, Appropriate Dress, Strong Work Ethic, Teamwork and Manners. Mastery of soft skills lays the foundation for success.

From cultivating a strong work ethic and perfecting dining skills to becoming a participating team member and master communicator, The Business of Manners® can help you and your company stand heads above the competition.

Through The Business of Manners Training your employees will learn to:

  • Understand the power of manners
  • Rise from Bottom-line to Top-line thinking
  • Formulate a Personal Statement of Purpose (PSP)
  • Learn to compete with themselves _and cooperate with others
  • Move from selling to SERVING _ customers
  • Shift from “me” to “we” attitude
  • Gain electronic etiquette for today’s wired world
  • Know what to wear anytime, anywhere
  • Master dining etiquette with ease

The Business of Manners® Training is available in these blocks or can be customized for your organization:

  • The Business of Life
  • The Business of Communication
  • The Business of Dining
  • The Business of Dress

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