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By joining Manners of the Heart in our life-saving, life-changing mission, you can help children in your neighborhood schools realize their true potential. The donation you make can help turn a house into a home for a family. The time you invest can help children see beyond themselves and their circumstances to become all they are meant to be.

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Manners of the Heart follows a circular sustainability model, or as we call it, the Liberty Circle (based on the Liberty Circle in Merryville from our elementary curriculum). With this sustainability model Manners of the Heart’s operational expenses are covered, so each dollar you give is put toward the fulfillment of the mission. 

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Sustainability Goal: To invest every dollar of a donation into restoring respect in our communities, rather than covering operational expenses. 


Gold HEARTS are professionals and philanthropists who support Manners of the Heart by pledging monthly to cover operational expenses, so every donation and sale goes to restoring respect. Gold HEARTS pledge to give $100 or more in monthly support for a year. They receive monthly updates on the operation of the organization and are invited to attend the Heart in Hand Gala. 

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Angel Investors

Angel Investors are donors who believe in our mission and make a major contribution to Manners of the Heart operations, so we can impact lives and communities across the country. These investors make donations of at least $25,000 a year to support research & development of new products and services to increase the effectiveness of our mission. They receive monthly updates on the operation of the organization and are invited to attend the Heart in Hand Gala. 

Corporate Involvement

We provide an opportunity for corporations to partner with us to simultaneously further two organizations under one mission, as well as corporate sponsorships.

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In-Kind Donations

We are always humbled by our supporters generosity in donating computers, furniture, office equipment, and even services to Manners of the Heart’s mission.

Or Give Some of Your Time

Manners of the Heart has many supporters who invest their time in furthering the reach and impact of the mission, either as Ambassadors or as Volunteers.

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Volunteers are the most self-giving supporters of Manners of the Heart. They help us do our work and expect nothing in return. We have had volunteers of all ages and walks of life, from high school students on summer break helping us assemble curriculum kits to retired business executives helping us through our strategic planning process. We are deeply thankful for these servant hearts. 

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