January 03 2017

What could happen if we all give our best every day? 
What could happen if we each pledge to be someone great and do something great? What could happen if we choose to forgive? What could happen if we look beyond the past and look toward the future? 
What could happen if… 
           We pass on the closest parking place? 
We talk to someone of another race or creed every day? 
We look everyone in the eye we pass and offer a quick “Good day”?  
We refuse to return disrespect with disrespect and return disrespect with respect?  
We let go of a grudge and offer a hand of friendship?  
We ask the person serving us if they’re having a good day? 
What could happen if we look beyond ourselves to serve each other? 
Perhaps, we could change our community one heart at a time. 
Our problems didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be solved overnight. Little by little in small ways and big ways, if we will each do our part, we can make our community a place we can all be proud to call home.  
We have an opportunity to come together for a common goal through #BRRespect, a year-long effort that encourages the citizens of BR to practice giving respect and building respect. 
The first step is to visit our website at mannersoftheheart.org and sign “The Pledge of Respect” and ask everyone you know to join you in signing it. 
The next step is to participate in the Good Deeds which will begin the first week in February. Watch for the billboards and television commercials promoting the movement. Keep up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Listen to Manners Minutes on local radio stations with weekly reminders of the deeds we’re working on, collectively as a community. 
We have an opportunity to show the rest of the country who we really are…a community filled with citizens who love their neighbors. 
We hope everyone will Choose Respect™.                          

From our hearts to yours, 


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