Easter Recycled Basket Part 1

April 2017

Easter Basket Stack

April is the perfect month to respect our environment by using recyclable materials for your Easter decorating.  Your children will enjoy making these baskets as much as they’ll enjoy using them! 

Easter blessings to all!



  • 2 plastic containers in different sizes 
  • 2 empty thread spools 
  • 2 paper doilies 
  • Assorted ribbons 
  • 3 different sheets of printed scrapbook paper or wrapping paper
  • Mod-Podge Glue 
  • Sponge brush
  • Hot glue gun  
  • Scissors 



1. Cut into each paper doily. Remove center circle, leaving a circle of lace. 


2. Using sponge brush, apply Modge-Podge glue to top edge of container. 


3. Carefully, glue lace to the edge of container. Pinch and press as you adhere the  lace to the container’s edge. 


4. After gluing around the container, hold upside down and paint an additional coat of Modge-Podge over the glued doily edge. 


5. Repeat with second container and turn both containers upside down on glasses. Dry completely. 


6. While waiting for containers to dry, cut a rectangle from decorative paper to fit the diameter of the container. Mark and cut a slight semi-circle on long edges of rectangle to make paper fit the contour of the container. 


7. Cover container in Modge-Podge using the sponge brush. 


8. Glue paper in place around container. 


9. Glue decorative ribbon to rim of container.

10. Add bows to seam of paper, just under the lace doily with glue gun. 

11. Using hot glue gun, glue spool into center of larger container. Glue a second spool, covered in decorative paper on top of first spool. 

12. Glue smaller container to spool. 


13. Fill containers with Easter grass and treats. 

Happy Easter!

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