Volunteers are the most self-giving supporters of Manners of the Heart. They help us get all of the work done and expect absolutely nothing in return. We have had volunteers of all ages and walks of life, from high school students on summer break  helping us assemble curriculum kits to retired business executives helping us through our strategic planning process. 

Volunteer Spotlight

Derald Smith

Derald Smith, retired business executive, wasn’t satisfied with retirement. He had too much to give to while away the hours in the garden. He circulated his resume to a few close friends.

No coincidence that his resume landed on one of our Board member’s desk a few days before an important Board meeting to discuss moving forward with strategic planning for the organization. Following the meeting, the Board member mentioned that he had just read a resume of a fellow who had all the qualifications needed to guide the process.

When MOH founder, Jill Garner, read his resume, she agreed and gave Derald a call. After a lengthy conversation, he agreed to come in for further exploration of MOH needs. He quickly became part of the team, leading our strategic planning with dedication, commitment and a drive for excellence. He was relentless in pushing us to uncover every detail needed to accomplish its mission. At the end of hours of planning, he left energized while we were exhausted.

After six months, his wisdom and understanding enabled us to organize our initiatives into a cohesive plan worthy of support. We have just hired our first Operations Director due to Derald’s ability to help us identify our needs. Derald hasn’t gone anywhere. He is working with our Operations Director as we put our new plan into action.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to this precious man for the great generosity of his time and talents. 

We are so thankful for each servant heart working with Manners of the Heart.

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