How indicative are standardized test scores anyway? At Manners of the Heart, we feel that educating the heart should be the heart of education. If we get those social, emotional needs met, then we can raise more successful adults.

Just this year, researchers, Damon E. Jones, PhD, Mark Greenberg, PhD, and Max Crowley, PhD published a study in the American Journal of Public Health studying the relationship between social competence in kindergarten and future wellness later in life. In 1991 the researches studied the social skills of 800 kindergarteners. 20 years later they followed up on the now young adults. They found:

  • Test scores alone do not necessarily indicate how successful a child will be as an adult.
  • Life skills, like sharing and being part of a team (put the needs of others ahead of your wants), pay off later in life.
  • Social Behaviors can be learned and unlearned.

Read the full Kindergarten Study

Manners of the Heart 2013-2014 Research Study

During the 2013-2014 school year a university research study found that the implementation of Manners of the Heart reduced disciplinary problems in schools by 30% and contributed to raising a school’s letter grade from F to D or a D to C in only one year. On the contrary, control schools in the research study that did not implement MOH, experienced a 28% increase in disciplinary referrals that resulted in a 15.6 decrease in academic achievement scores. An Oklahoma school reported a 58% decrease in disciplinary referrals during the current school year.

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Without Manners of the Heart

0 % increase – Disciplinary Referrals

0 point decrease – SPS

With Manners of the Heart

0 %+ decrease – Disciplinary Referrals

0 point increase – SPS

10-Week Manners of the Heart Research Study

From August 2010-October 2010 the LSU Institutional Review Board conducted a 10-week micro study testing the effectiveness of Manners of the Heart curriculum on student behavior. Researchers measured conduct problems, like bullying, lying, and cheating; peer problems, like being picked on, loneliness; hyperactivity, like restlessness and poor attention span; and emotional symptoms, like fearfulness and nervousness. After the 10 weeks, conduct problems decreased by 32%, peer problems by 34%, hyperactivity by 31%, and emotional symptoms by 44%.

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Success Stories

Over the past 15 years, we have been told stories about how Manners of the Heart has impacted the next generation from the classroom to the living room and the living room to the boardroom.

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We have responded to inquiries about Manners of the Heart from New York to New Delhi.

“It (Manners of the Heart) teaches our kids to transform their heart and to think about others.”

-Ranae Toval, Third Grade Teacher, Baton Rouge, LA

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  • 5,625+ high school students taught
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