“The education of the heart must be the heart of education”

-Jill Rigby Garner, Founder of Manners of the Heart

Academic knowledge alone is not enough to produce productive citizens. Manners of the Heart provides children with not only the academic education to lead, but with the heart education to lead in the right direction.


 “To educate a man in mind and not in morals, is to educate a menace for society.”

-Theodore Roosevelt 

The goal of Manners of the Heart's elementary and high school curriculums is to educate the whole child, to raise young adults who will contribute to our society. Often times we get caught up in measuring a child's academic success. We test, test, and re-test children, trying to find the perfect method of raising the most intelligent students. Is the goal of education to have the highest grades or to raise children to make positive contributions to society? Is it possible for education to achieve both-high ranking academics and students who are good people? At Manners of the Heart, we believe education can and should do both. When a school not only implements the Manners of the Heart curriculum, but also integrates it into its culture, teachers can unlock the hearts of their students and reach their minds. If we make heart education the center of education, we can raise students who will be successful beyond the classroom. 

Head-Based Education

Heart-Based Education

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