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Thank you, Professional Oklahoma Educators, for sharing this video with us and for sharing our mission in educating the whole child. 

When a school or school district implements Manners of the Heart, we have a trifold approach to ensure success:

Curriculum PED PPD


Manners of the Heart curriculum manuals for PreK-5th Grade are similar to the format of a teacher’s manual for an academic subject.  There are 22 core lessons, divided into four themes, with skills, objectives, attributes and big ideas for each weekly lesson instilling positive character traits, values, virtues and morals in students.  Teachers reinforce the core lesson daily through 5-minute extended learning activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions


“You can teach children to do math. You can teach children to read. Without Manners of the Heart, you cannot instill the desire to succeed.”   

-Rick Hamilton, Music Teacher, Shenandoah Elementary


Professional Educator Development (PED)

To create a positive environment for the children, the Manners of the Heart school program provides professional development for all adults on a school campus, including ancillary personnel, faculty and staff, from the front door to the back door.

For information about scheduling a PED for your school, district or organization, please contact info@mannersoftheheart.org or call our office at (225)383-3235.

Professional Parent Development (PPD)

No one needs convincing of the disturbing change occurring in the attitudes of children today.  Many children today have no respect—for others or for themselves.  Today’s kids are angry and rebellious at rates higher than any other generation.They behave liberally without fear of consequence or authority. We live in a world were provocative movies, vulgar music, and violent video games often dictate the rules that children follow. How can parents compete against the new role models in our society? Our Professional Parent Development workshops and books provide parents with a proactive guide to combat these negative influences in media and society.  We guide parents in raising children who are respectful, engaged, and grateful.

For information about scheduling a PPD for your school, district or organization, please contact info@mannersoftheheart.org or call our office at (225)383-3235.

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