Our Mission

Our mission is to restore respect and civility in our society by equipping schools, encouraging families and engaging communities in respect-based Heart Education so that the next generation will have not only head-knowledge to lead but heart-knowledge to lead in the right direction.

Manners of the Heart educates the hearts of children so they can achieve academic success.

Manners of the Heart (MOH) is credited with reducing disciplinary actions in schools by 30%-60%.  During a recent university research study, it was found that MOH raised schools’ academic achievement scores by 15 points, a full letter grade, in just one year.  That means bringing a school from F to D or C to B.  On the contrary, study schools that did not implement MOH, experienced a 28% increase in disciplinary referrals and a 15.6 point decrease in academic achievement scores.  That translates to dropping a full letter grade in just a year. The schools without MOH went from a D to an F. 

Everyday without the message of MOH is a day children are dying.  Their souls are dying from empty hearts. When their hearts are locked, they fail in school.  When they fail in school, they answer the “call of the street”.  When they answer the “call of the street”, they kill each other.  They kill us.  And worst of all, they kill themselves. They never find the opportunity to become all they are meant to be.

MOH has a huge message for our nation.  We cannot deliver it without your help.  Help us save our children’s lives.  

Give for the Children

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