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What’s In Your Heart-Happiness or Joy?

Did you know that Americans rank 17th out of 156 countries in happiness? Only one in three Americans consider themselves happy. In fact, happiness has decreased significantly in the last two generations. Generation "Y" is reported to be the most stressed, and least happy, generation of all time with higher anti-depressant use, greater trouble sleeping and less satisfaction with family life.

Why is it when Americans are asked their greatest pursuit in life, more than 75% say "happiness"?

Happiness only lasts as long as other emotions are avoided.

You glance in the mirror on the way out the door feeling happy with what you saw until the first person you pass in the hallway gives you an odd stare.

Doubt crowds out happiness.

You're happy with your new car until you see the newer model in the parking slot next to yours.

Envy overshadows happiness.

You're deliriously happy with the decision you made yesterday until another alternative presents itself today.

Worry defeats happiness.

Joy, on the other hand, comes from knowing you did your best, regardless of the outcome.

Joy comes from contentment.

Joy comes from trust.

What's in your heart - happiness that comes and goes or joy that lasts?

While you're considering this month's question, watch the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" to help you forumulate your answer.

From our hearts to yours,


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