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THE REPORT IS IN: A university research study during the 2013-2014 school year found that the implementation of Manners of the Heart reduced disciplinary problems by 30% and contributed to raising a school’s letter grade from F to D or D to C in only one year. On the contrary, control schools in the research study that did not implement Manners of the Heart, experienced a 28% increase in disciplinary referrals and a 15.6 decrease in academic achievement scores resulting in a school performance score that dropped from D to F. 

Children don't deserve another year without Manners of the Heart. 

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Not All Girls Are Mean Girls
While many schools are dealing with “mean girls” in the fifth grade, I know one school that isn’t. 
At one of our local schools, fifth graders were given an American History assignment. One of the girls did not turn in her project and was facing a “zero” and conduct marks.
Without prompting, a fellow classmate stepped in to help. She invited the girl in trouble over to her house for help with the project. She even purchased a trifold display board for her classmate’s presentation. 
Now, here’s the real clincher…the girl in trouble had a history of being picked on by other students. She was one that other students teased. 
This kindhearted girl is a Manners of the Heart Kid. In first grade she learned to look for ways to help others rather than waiting for someone to help her. She learned in third grade that if someone is being bullied, you don’t stand back, you step in and stand up to help. Last year she learned to put the needs of others ahead of her wants.
She is living out the lessons learned through Manners of the Heart in her everyday life. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. 
The girl in trouble? She turned in her assignment. Received a high mark and gained the respect of her classmates who no longer have anything to tease her about. 
We visited the school yesterday to present the "heroine" and her new friend with Heart in Hand silver charms and their classmates with Wilbur's Double Delight Chocolate Chip Cookies because all of their hearts had been transformed!  
From my heart to yours,
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