“Entitlement” is a recurring description of today's youth. We continue to pour millions of dollars into our school systems and work environments to add technology to every desk. But these investments will not solve our society's “heart problems” that are on the rise:

Low academic achievement, soaring drop-out rates, epidemic suicides among teenagers, escalating violence in children under the age of ten, corporate theft, domestic violence, contractual violations...

Money won’t fix the problem; respect will. What started as basic table and phone etiquette classes in one Baton Rouge elementary school, grew into an entire elementary respect-based heart education curriculum, Manners of the Heart. The curriculum is based on a series of children’s books, The Merryville Stories, which are set in a town nestled between the mountains and the sea and home to the only “happle” tree and Wise Ol’ Wilbur in the world. Today Manners of the Heart has adopted the mission to restore respect and civility in our society by equipping schools, encouraging families, and engaging communities through respect-based heart education for all generations. Through Manners of the Heart, your community can become the real life Merryville.


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